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5 Things to Do at the One World Observatory

Many guests visit the One World Observatory, which occupies floors 100-102 of the One World Trade Center, for the once-in-a-lifetime view of Manhattan. The following is a list of things to do while you’re up there!

1. Voices/Foundations

Experience “Voices,” a walk-through video montage featuring the men and women who built the One World Trade Center. Next, get a close-up look of “Foundations,” the Manhattan bedrock on which NYC was built.

2. Sky Pod Elevator

Take a ride in this elevator to watch 500 years of NYC’s history transpire before your eyes.  LED technology surround you to create an immersive experience.

3.  Main Observatory

Head over to the Main Observatory on the 100th floor, where you have a 360-degree view of Manhattan.

4. Observatory: Sky Portal

The Sky Portal is a 14-foot glass disc. Stand on it and look down if you want to catch a glimpse of the city below.

5. Dining

Several options await you if you’re hungry: One Dine (upscale restaurant), One Cafe (cafe), and One Mix (bistro).