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Rebuilding Ground Zero: Design of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

9/11 Memorial NYC

There are so many symbols in the thoughtful design of Ground Zero, including the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. But what does it all mean? The 16-acre 9/11 Memorial occupies the site where the former World Trade Center Complex and Twin Towers once stood. It commemorates the September 11 attacks and honors the thousands of lives lost. Restoring Ground Zero was an opportunity to not just rebuild, but to create a narrative around the tragedy and[…]

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How to Visit the Oculus at the World Trade Center in NYC

WTC Oculus and Freedom Tower

When you visit the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero, you’ll probably notice a large white building with steel, wing-shaped tips reaching toward the sky. That’s the Oculus, a transportation hub and shopping mall built alongside the One World Trade Center. The building is one of many that were included in the city’s plan to rebuild the World Trade Center after September 11. If you’d like to see this magnificent structure up-close, you can. In this[…]

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8 Things to Do at the One World Observatory in NYC

Freedom Tower

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the One World Observatory for that once-in-a-lifetime view of New York City. From the top of the One World Trade Center, guests can marvel at 360-degree views of Manhattan, the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor, all while staying indoors. Stopping by the observatory is an easy add-on when you’re visiting Ground Zero. Since the building is part of the World Trade Center, the[…]

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