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At the time of the 9/11 tragedy, I was working at NYU Downtown Hospital (now NY Presbyterian) as a supervisor of registration and intake for three departments- the Emergency Room, Admitting Department and Ambulatory Surgery Unit.”

John is a native New Yorker, well versed with the history of the city and passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. John has worked in several fields and has worn many hats but his longest career has been 12 years spent in Healthcare and Healthcare Finance, most recently as a manager of patient accounts for NYU Langone Medical Center. His last years in that position were spent in an office located at Wall Street, during which time he witnessed, from the heart of the financial district, the reaction to the nation’s economic crisis and the phenomenon of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A lifelong traveler, John took it to an extreme in 2012, left his job, gave up his apartment, put all his belongings in storage and, with his journalist girlfriend (whom he would marry after their return home), traveled the world for 15 months, visiting a total of 36 countries. That experiment in nomadism, and wonderful experiences had in all the foreign lands visited, inspired him to get involved in tourism and welcome visitors to his hometown. As a result, he started BQE Tours, a walking tour company specializing in Brooklyn and Queens.

John lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats; from their living room window they can see One World Trade Center rising in the distance.

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